Golden Hour - Back to Work piece

As the cracks of light break into our morning reverie, and we realise that work, interviews and a brand new social scene waits for us, and our creativity shakes us out of our dull sleep, You awake and lay out your “full me, full Life” outfit, sure to include your favourite custom made Zyrrie Huggie Earrings and the exquisitely crafted Rose-Gold Halo Solitaire Ring, or perhaps today calls for the classy Skin Links diamond chain ring with a Medow Paperclip Chain to match…. Because making an entrance is not about loud but about being confident, and your power meeting, interview or after work social will not intimidate, when you are in visible control.

Your custom made confidence courtesy of Stonz manufacturing jewellers and are available in 9K Yellow Gold, 9K White Gold or 9K Rose Gold

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