Who is Stonz?

History has shown us that authenticity, passion and uniqueness has given us many individuals whom have shaped our future and who we still look up to today. From politicians and innovators, to musicians and humanitarians, all of these extraordinary individuals have one intrinsic and shared characteristic: they have remained true to the essence of who they are.
Every diamond, gemstone or piece of jewellery has its own personality, character and appearance - its own soul. We think the same of all of our customers. You will know what stone speaks to you and should stay true to yourself when choosing your diamond, gemstone or piece of jewellery. Whether it be a classic piece, something modern, or for sentimentality.

The brand “Stonz” is a convergence of dealer and jeweller, old school and new school, retail and wholesale. In the diamond trade we use the word stones to refer to diamonds or gemstones. With “Stonz” we put a “z” at the end to give it its own distinct spin, staying true to the unique spirit of the brand, and everything we at Stonz stand for.

So, keep it real, because real is rare!

Can't find your perfect stone? Email through your query to rolling@stonz.diamonds and we'll see how we can assist!